Kickoff in a little over two hours.

At desk, a bit restless.  Another cup of coffee which only adds to the uneasiness and jittery jolts.  Still no workout today.  No worries, only doing weights so even if I’ve had a little wine I’ll be alright.

Kids and others’ outside, like bandits controlling their territory.  I go outside for a bit to tell Emma calm down and see little Henry’s face sitting on Melissa’s lap.

Still restless.  Sipping slow the coffee.   Haven’t written a poem since 1/31, so I write one quickly fearing another interruption or letting self fall to distraction.

Could go for a drive but where, and for what.  No.. forcing self to stay in house.  Thinking of points to hit tomorrow, prospecting and looking for new businesses, following up on newer and older leads.

Set alarm for 4am.  Am going strait to weights.  Maybe some pushups, or some other exercise, but….. starting a new fitness project today.  Something done, every day.  Know what my goals is, but need to research more, look at certain things.

So much in head right now.  Calming self, but drinking this coffee so the self-talk approach isn’t really working.  Too many projects, I’m thinking again.  Stop thinking quality or quantity or any of that.  Just create.  If I’m to make wine this year, then…..  Syrah.  Send friend Zach a text…