Up early, around…. I don’t know. 7:19am?

Both kids down here with me watching news, readying for Super Bowl party of just us later.

Wrote over 3100 words yesterday, including first 2-page wine paper.  Feel incredible this morning, waking in the silliest mood and not stressing or really even thinking about work or quota or prospecting.  I need to though, do more for the #prospectesk project.

Know where I’m emailing tomorrow.  Going to re-draft email blast, later today.

Weights and cardio later.  Not a minute over an hour.

Back from getting Melissa a mocha, and me nothing.  First test passed, of day.  Looking to quit SBUX for self, but still treat family to what makes them happy.  Made second cup of coffee just now, adding cinnamon.  Charging another device, an iPad given to me by Mom as something to use in the field.  Obviously not in field now, but using it for lead collection and management.  Will prep for week later in day, maybe at halftime.  Keep forgetting today’s the Super Bowl.

Hungry, but holding off till after 12pm.  “No nosh before noon” I keep saying to myself.  DISCIPLINE, balance, application of self.  Onward into it.