10:24am Slow morning.

Hit everything on the list so far.  Still making way through coffee.  House relatively quiet with Jack on a zoom call/class and Emma done with hers, Henry feeding.  SO, I obviously take the time to collect in paragraph form.

Building certain conversations and momentums, my eagerness today gets best of me and a couple pours more.  Everyone still settling in, I know.

Henry not happy, may be hungry again.  I know how he feels, thinking to myself.  Wanting more sales, and wanting more milk.  The impatience.  His is warranted, mine less so.  Or is it.  I just want to build my agency…  Looking for more businesses partners, conversations.

The agency, p-o-z, is to be built around writing, the journal, freedom of narrative and THE CONVERSATION.  Communication…. Wondering if what I want is a PR firm.  Don’t think so.  Maybe I don’t know what I want, but I know I need an office, clients, and more time to write.

2:19 now.  Not running today.  Bike in the morning.  Dress warm, prep, I remind myself.

No responses from emails sent, yet.  I start to bubble in impatience, then remember… WAIT.

Adding nothing more to list.  Now, just exploring.