Wrote letter to students, have prospects lined up for calls.

Will need another coffee.  Yes, already one down.  Today is about lead collection and conversation.  When I first started as an AE I met an IT guy who suggested I make a list of everyone I know.  Not sure I’ll do that, but I’m going to write out the entire “collective conversation” as I call it.  To others, what we be called a funnel.  I just don’t like that word as the funnel entails it’s all about me and funneling sales and leads my way and sure that’s part of the aim but only part of it.

Coffee time, for sure.  Thinking to myself after wife texts me from upstairs “I think it’s coffee time!”

More letters today, more personalization and honesty, genuine eagerness to work with one company or person or another..

Letters sent.  Sip coffee.  Keep notes in precipitation.

Jack in kitchen, 45-minute break he keeps reminding me.  This teaches me something, though.  It’s his marketing, reiterating his reality.. that seat is his office and company.  No wishing, only work, writing… his WORLD.

“Huh..” I catch myself saying aloud, to this screen and notebook and pen, coffee.