8:13am New month. On couch, away from that desk.

In my head 2021 starts today, right now with this morning.  Seeing the office next year, and the beach house, travel (covid or no), and anything else I want.  Noted in journal, ‘Do-It-December’.  Sounds corny I guess but it’s my sentiment this morning.

Took a shower, dressed in actual clothes, and ready for the ahead hours.  Class tonight.  Already started planning, notes.

Find leads today, new ones and keep building the name-by-name collective conversation.  Just added some names to it, then stopped.

May have one contract coming in today.  Add them to list, the conversation…

Unsure of how to set self in next couple hours.  I want contracts… how to get them.

Build, drawn, notes… I tell myself.  Look to everything for instruction.  Coffee, xmas tree in office here with me, that bird outside calling – not thinking or hopeful of any precision, just calling to anyone who’ll listen (this tells me something and what to do, my beat for this new month).

Kids told to brush teeth and set up for their zoom schooling.  Jack can’t find his computer.  Find something in this morning malaise.

Emma asking for breakfast.