Eff Sales


Only writing about sales.  For as long as I can.  I’m not going to be one just saying SALES SALES SALES all the time, but the importance of it. You know, I’m going to write about sales without ever saying it.  That was the last time…  Educating your audience on what you do, why it’s not so much NEEDED but why someone should listen.  Too many are caught up in facts, figures, stats, sheets, columns and graphs, comparison.  This is all pertinent, but not the entire picture.  The WHY to the WHAT… that’s what we explain, and invite people to understand.

I hate the word ‘sales’, honestly.  So it’s not that.  Not anymore.  It’s the feeling I get after an amazing run done before 7:30am, like the other morning when I had 8 miles logged before that time.  When you open a wine you’ve never had before and it speaks to you in so many ways that you don’t know what you’re feeling or experiencing you just know you’re in love about a dozen times over.  No one wants to be sold, so don’t sell them.  Ask them about their story, about their needs, and their scenes.

Fly buzzing around my desk, again, and I wonder how I would sell this scene.  I know I just said the S-word, but it’s where my head is.  The story of this human, in this chair, with the fly circling him driving him mad… how do I make it connective, appealing, magnetic, or just interesting?  By not embellishing.  Man in seat, at desk, writing, trying to find more sense in what he does, and why, the why to the what and the who to the why and what.  He thinks, types notes and scribbles a couple, but doesn’t come to some constricting and encompassing conclusion.  Maybe that’s not what he’s looking for.  He keeps typing.