Today, going to stay on the phone.  Some emailing, but I want to get a sense of reception to calls.  Yes, technically cold but I won’t have mine be that way.  Being that we’re still very much in the covid cloud, I want to be a voice of concern and availability..  A friend of mine, also in sales, calls himself “the coldest caller in the game”.  I love the fearlessness and consistency in his self-anointment.  But me, today and going forward, the warmest and easiest caller in LIFE, no game.

Need a place to charge the second laptop.  Will unplug this one and use the outlet for other, which I just did.  Jackie ready for his day, and me mine.  I’m not going to do my job today, be an Account Executive.  Just call people, and express availability and concern.  And I expect some to just flatout reject me or even hang up or curse at me.  And that’s fine.

Designing my Sales Course from my AE notes.. About Everything.  When you’re selling internet or software, Mercedes or wine, or furniture, talk about your set the same way you would whatever it is you love most… your kids, wine, running or hiking, fishing, dirt-biking, whatever.  Shared this idea over the phone yesterday with Brittany, an alarm sales rep in Marin County.  Hearing myself share the idea with her reminded me of and again convinced myself of this thought’s life and validity.  Like selling myself again, but not.

One cup of coffee this morning.  That’s it.  Refraining from caffeine, and possibly wine later but who knows if that’ll happen.  Already 61 degrees.  Should’ve already ran.  Had shorts and shirt, and ‘key belt’ down here.  But no.  Slept in till just before 6 when Jack came down and got started on a learning program.

Hot in here already, or warm.  Planned sales route, and running route as well but I think I want a latte.

Got one.  Just arrived back home with Jackie.  Weights then, throughout the day.  Between calls.  Calls to start in 51 minutes….

30 minutes.  Looking at sales courses online, through Udemy and elsewhere, and they all seem scammy.  I don’t want to do that, I realize.  And I don’t want to be seem like that.  I want to write, share my story and whatever works, why it worked… if it worked, works, is working.  The more truth, the more advantage.  Not that I’m trying to gain some advantage over something or someone… Not sure what I’m saying, really.

Quiet.  Cleaning work area, trying to find where something is and I finally do, again the blogger needs his own office.  Soon, I appease and ease self.

Warm already in this corner, turning on AC.  Or not.  Everything off desk except laptop and IP desk-phone.  Caught myself thinking too much about what I need to do, about calling, following up with a prospect from yesterday.  Pretty sure this contract I can get, but with everything as it is… pandemic and what not, you never know.