Didn’t write much yesterday.  Today should be quite hot, so not going out for run till close to sundown.

Sent flight plan, and now getting into day.  Jackie behind me on his learning program, Emma still asleep. Need today to be one of transaction, something sold or signed.

Got some information for tax lady… need to move some money again.  Before day is out, finalizing marketing effort and collective narrative for blogging practice.

Working on couch in a minute.  This chair is uncomfortable and this workspace is not at all a workspace.

My attitude is all wrong, and when we recognize our attitude is “wrong”, we need re-shape and re-write it.  Speaking to a leads group partner yesterday, an attorney, and how his business works. Interesting, and not much need for prospecting, and not that I envy him but the magnetism to his practice is something worthy of study and mimic.