Left bed and went for a 7.15 mile run.  8:39 pace.  Jack woke early and asked if I were waking soon, I told him no, he went back in his room and I remain there thinking… Why am I not up now.  Why not change things, change everything, with a single run.  So I suited, tied shoes, put some water in hair to suppress the quarantine cloud on my head, and I was out.  Starting quite slow, and noticing a bit of difficulty finding a breathing pattern that was comfortable and lock-step with my actual steps.  Finally finding it on Coffey Lane, after the Hopper intersection.  Later in the run I felt again like I was in Sunriver, running along the Deschutes, past the bridge and toward the lodge for a bit loop around the resort (thinking that could be about 13.1 miles if I stretched it or looped a couple streets). I needed a run this morning, and when I decided just after getting up that I’m going to alter a few fragments of my identity frame and general go of life, I knew I would have a run that would mean something.  That would do something.  I need to write more about running, I told myself coming back into the Coffey Park neighborhood West of Waltzer, south of San Miguel.  I thought of running in other states, a marathon early in the morning then having the rest of the day to write about it.. collect self and more or less relax in hotel room, or at some hotel.  Write about everything, how my back felt, what I’d have for lunch after the run, people I met… everything running. Looking up Oregon runs, one in Sisters.  Obviously cancelled from covid.  Something to note for later…