Emma this morning wanting me to brush her teeth, and carry her upstairs with her two little pigtails by her mother made.  Another, and I knock wood with this, health.  Not going to today, of course… but I can run.  I can run 8 miles around this house, with not problem.  No fatigue or pain or even minor compromise.

More thanks…. Put this into play, during business operations.  Just thanked a referral partner for two new contacts, and one from the San Rafael group for his referral.

Leaving house for errands.  Put a collared shirt on.  I’m forgetting more frequently what I have on.  Nearly left the house the other day in running shorts and a white T.  I’m going to do my hair, actually.  Much I can do with this covid mop.

Okay… leaving.

12:43.  Lunch at 1.

Had to reschedule an appointment.  Did a sales call as soon as I came back from winery and taking Jackie’s bike to get repaired again.  In the nineties outside..