7:24. Week I turn 41.

Asking self how time flew past me but I know I don’t have any such time to sink into that perception.  Sanguinary, this week.  In a good way, of course.  Haven’t done budget yet, as I saw that becoming a pattern.  Need to do all different, day to day.

Director emailed me and said he did some gardening over the weekend.  I remember my aunt, Linda, had a garden.  That house in Sisters, Oregon where my sister and I spent a few summers.  She would take us into town, buy us seeds and plant them with us when back at the house.  On her deck you could see the three sisters, beyond a considerable stretch of trees that must have extended for ten or so miles.  Maybe less, hard to tell.  Linda would be in her garden every day.  There were actually two, one just on the side of the house which you could see looking down from the kitchen, and then another about twenty or thirty yards from the house, beyond the kitchen-sight garden.  I’m sure it’s relaxing, even with all the labor involved.  Our next house, I’m set on such a project.  PROJECTS.

One of the neighbors rolls our their trash or recycling bin.  Jack tells me it’s going to rain at the end of the week.  WHAT? I thought.  Then he tells me today is going to reach 94 degrees.  Definitely no run today, I tell him.

Setting sights on 200% of quota by week’s end.

OH YEAH…. Jack says in some funny voice with a forced-lower octave.  Be playful, I remind myself again.  Don’t think too much about conversations, or anything.

Sipping coffee made last night. And honestly, I find the odd and off lukewarm temp quite supremely easing and appeasing.  More than that.  It’s perfect with my operational orbit this morning.  Self-appraisal, but not to too extreme of heights.

I’m going to have a contract come in this week.  Two of them.  I’m going to seduce such into tangibility.  Thinking about what to get myself, birthday gift.  Part of me says new camera (just thought of that…) Another says some 15-pound weights and new running shoes (greatest contender), and another says take a massive flight of cash and invest it in something.  Something that has the risk of going up or down.  A little daytrading.. something different. Why not.  That’s the aim here, isn’t it? The GOAL?

Should do budget and finances now, now that I’m settled in.  Approaching 90k words in this new journal written in and around this “new normal” that people keep talking about.  Sick of people saying that, and hearing it, but they are saying it and I do embrace and always step in pursuit of Newness.  Kerouac thoughts, sentences scribbled and typed in the moment….  Sales role, not sales and not a role.  A medium for everything I’m after.

Three full days before I’m 41.  Move quicker… slowed by nothing.


9:04.  Already with three referrals, phone conversation with IT partner, and an appointment scheduled with a potentially large client.  What else can I do… some more finance.  Done…. Kids outside playing, house quiet… haven’t felt this ahead of a day in a bit.

OH, email students.