Growing a certain and acute fondness for this corner work area… this quarantine view I have.  This small desk, with my coffee tumbler and receipts, multiple journals, phones and wallets and pens.  The area, the lens it provides, a preview into my office.  The office I want to sit in and write, where I want to build narrative and business efforts from.

This week, the week of my birthday (Friday, 29th), putting my work habit and practice in a new containment and octave.  The envisioned and tangible, in new helix.  Inventory action and shop arrangement.  Keep thinking of the kid yesterday, his bike repair shop in his parents garage.  A real business, serious practice from everything to how the shop was arranged, to the lo-fi beats playing, his invoice, and the shirt he was wearing boasting his brand and business name.

This corner urging me that way, to learn more from that conversation and transaction with the 15 year-old creative.