img_1449Not in the industry anymore.  I don’t focus on it, ad nauseam.  I won’t let myself.  I have a book to finish, lectures to write and plan—not to mention the 1A meeting in under 90 minutes—and other projects.  Tomorrow, my first at the telecommunication office.  Sonic.  I vow to self-actuate at a sonic rate in my education and exploration of everything.  Write everything.  Take notes… record.  Within 90 days I’ll be so far past where anyone forecasted I would go, be, that something will happen.  What who knows, but that’s where these thoughts are.  Have to wake up at 5 or earlier, tomorrow.  Of course I’d love for 4, but I’m trying to be at least a bit realistic, not too delusional with this optimistic flip.  May need coffee in a bit.  Sipping a sparkling berry water, relaxing and noting before class.  Tonight I introduce them to Kerouac, and poetry, how prose can decide a poetic gallop throughout paragraphs.  Freeing self in this freewrite, progressing in my flight, new sight, not a fashionable plight, not at all.  I’m being as truthful with self as I’ve ver been.  Not having to be trapped behind a counter, in a room, repeating and repeating…. Though, I did give one last vineyard tour and tasting today, selling six bottles.  More importantly as I see was the conversations we had in the vineyard, what we saw together and me answering their winemaking and viticultural questions, them asking more and me telling stories about what I’ve seen and what I’ve done in the industry.

Day’s end, Stephanie the tasting room captain drove with me to my favorite part of the property, one of the elevated vineyard blocks, same spot as I took the New Jersey couple, and did all outgoing paperwork and debriefing, somewhat of an “exit interview” I guess.  She told me she knew how much I love the vineyard and that’s what she wanted my final impression of the wine world to be.  Not sure anyone else would have had as much forethought or consideration.  I’m past now, though, into my words and lectures, writing and finishing this goddamn book, finally.  Taking notes on everything.  Curiosity, following all of it, as that’s what brings you to gem fields.  My Now, me now, not sure how axiomatic.  Not sure I have to be.  Post-wine industry, I’m exploring and growing, writing and seeing everything as one free, as a character and new identity released.

I won’t let myself not write poetry.  Need more, much more, collect it and release it.  All of it.  This campus, today, seeing one of my favorite students earlier walking to Emeritus, where I am now, reminding me how much I love this, interacting with students.  That coupled with all the climatic feedback and reactions I’m hearing only after ONE meeting, the first class.  And I’m already on radars.  This, tandem with the new post at Sonic, will spell new, rich syncopations for this penning cyclone of a human.  The verses pull me from the keyboard, scribbling stanzas and yes needing coffee for such.