(#papablogga – column 2)

What Time Is It?  Go, GO!


Every have one of those mornings where your alarm doesn’t go off, but your whatever-month old does?  She cries for food, saying something in here head like, “Are you serious? You’re still sleeping?  I’m frickin’ starving down here!”  Thankful she did, otherwise who knows how long we would have slept in, all of us.  Even still, we woke late, which set the morning off in a stressful way.  Just the tone of the morning was more rushed than usual, it seemed.  And it’s Tuesday, of course.  Tuesdays always suck.  “How much time do I have left?” I kept asking myself, looking at the clock on the oven.  The morning we have to get out as quick as possible so we’re not there getting reading when Ricardo’s angelic cleaning crew is there to give us new life.  And this is no exaggeration, if it weren’t for them, seriously, when the hell would we find time to clean?  Anyway, we rushed and rushed, Alice jumping in the shower and me changing Emma while she cried horridly for her mother.  Eventually I was able to distract her, but it took quite some time and coercion— having to break out every toy I could find, do every funny cartoon or sill voice I could conjure, all while Jackie was by himself downstairs watching the new ‘Thomas the Train’ Halloween DVD I bought him last night while grocery shopping, after leaving work at about 7.  It’s obvious that we as parents battle time constantly.  That’s the known, or the “problem” even thought it’s not much a problem but an unavoidable reality.

So, finally, after leaving both babies at school, I have less than 30 minutes to collect and get started on my newest article.  Don’t expect these #papablogga blurbs, or articles if they’re even articles, to be scheduled or posted on any told day.  I’ll post them whenever I have time.  Whenever the world schedules me, or allows me.  By “world” I mean my family’s world.  Alice and I swear up and down to each other that we’ll do the next morning different, that we’ll set our alarms and when we get home from work we’ll start prepping for the next day, so the next morning won’t be such a typhoon of ‘do do do!’.  But you know how that goes, right?  What are the remedies?  What are the solutions?  Is this just another math problem, with time management and allocating a certain clod of minutes to do this for Jack, then this for Emma—  Oh, and what about me, I have to get ready to.  Huh, I barely did this morning.  These mornings, become more mathematical, and I have always been a slug with math, a tangible slug, like how quick the continents move…  Can’t think of an effective analogy, but you get the point.  Maybe tonight will be the night we finally do it, my wife and I, prep completely for the morning so the morning’s not such a bloody morning.  What do you think?  Can we do it?  Do you?  What do you do?  What can you recommend?  I know, I’m asking a lot of questions.  Oh, you wanted answers reading my columns?  Oh then you’re, yeah, very much in the wrong journalistic palm.  I’m looking for answers.  We are, wife and I.  That’s why I started this.  Well, sort of, but to start conversation, to make parenting not easier, but more controlled.  Lower the amount of stress, and maybe even variables.

I think about Emma not waking us.  What if the morning went another way?  It’s not so bad, actually, the way it betided.  I mean, here I am, at least getting a rough draft down.  Both babies at school this raining morning (and that’s another thing that slowed us, the rain, with the traffic 101 South, everyone driving maniacally), and me here to have time for me, be here with just me, another necessity for ANY parent— time to Self.  More on that later.  For now, I’m going to enjoy my mocha, this funky breakfast sandwich Starbucks heated for me, and finally move slow, enjoy what morning I have left.