6:57.  Just did ten pushups, try to be somewhat active.  Tomorrow morning, life or DEATH time for the running writer.  I HAVE to run.  At least ten miles.  I want that feeling going to work…  My next ‘half’ is closer by the day, and I told myself I want under 1 hour 40 minutes for the Healdsburg 13.1.  Tomorrow is a serious training run, with a course mapped out, already.  Want to run more competitively.  Someone at work a short while ago mentioned a “complete lifestyle change” for himself.  Me, well, I guess you could call me a runner.  But, I want my lifestyle change to directly and immediately involve me living as a COMPETITIVE runner.  That man who came into the TR with his wife a short time ago, having the ultra marathon the next day, something like 50 miles around Lake Sonoma.  He hadn’t had a sip of wine his wife said in over, I think, 5 months.  His discipline startled even her.

10 more, and I come back to the coffee, from the mug one of the Mendo students bought me in Fall ’15.  So glad I’m not commuting there anymore, yes, but my brief incarceration there taught me what I’m good for, what I’m not.  I’m not well with settling anymore, nor do I want to teach in places that don’t support me nor where I feel uncomfortable.  This is tangential I know, I blame the morning, and that I couldn’t run.  Running will solve everything, everything.  Tomorrow’s run will change my life, its “style” forever.  Speaking of Mendo, though, I would love to run up there, someday.  A ‘half’ or 10k.

And now… dix autres.

Can feel it now.  Shoulders, triceps, chest, abs…  Just want to be healthy and alive for my family.  Tomorrow’s 10 or more will teach me and enforce that I am a competitive runner, a running writer detailing his trials and trails to a certain frame, stage, story.  Another cup of coffee… wonder what my character would be doing, IS doing, right now.  She doesn’t drink nor go out too often with friends, so last night she was early in.  In bed by 9:30 after working on some sketches she started in the office on her lunch break yesterday and between 4:30 & 5 when she had pretty much everything done.  One, of the Embarcadero, of a wandering dog (she doesn’t like the word ‘stray’) that rests below on of those benches, people just passing.  First thing this morning was coffee and a revisit to this work and others, and then a quick 3-mile run.  Didn’t have time for longer as she nearly forgot she has a private art lesson in Marin, near lower Tiburon for a friend-of-a-friend’s daughter.

More notes throughout the day on her.  Jackie watches a cartoon, and I still have to brew that second cup if I’m to ahead in the day get.. get my ‘get’.  Ten more?…  Oui!  Terminé…  Now coffee and ready for winery day.  Lunch, go to office, write.  No vineyard walk today, or at least not one panned.  Everything today, all actions and thoughts, must speak for the benefit of tomorrow’s run.