Day Starts. Friday, but not,

as I work tomorrow in the tasting room. No run this morning has me beyond frustrated, and self-critical. But I have to move on. So this lesson I share: Don’t be excessively self-critical, too harsh on the ol’ self. Understanding where you went wrong and amending discrepancy is one thing, but to beat yourself up… nothing will get done. No aims will be satisfied. Anyway, I went to Dry Creek General to attain my aim of fruit and nuts for lunch (trying to offset calorie intake since I burned NONE this morrow). Found no fruit, and the little container of almonds I found was over $7! I was outraged, walked out, and into the car. When here in office finally I told my story, then an officemate offered some eggs for me to cook. So, I win, again. No money spent, either at sbux or that goddamn store. Now, to the third goal of today which was scribbled as a ‘Fuckton of writing’, or something like that.
No wine today or tonight. Planning for tomorrow’s 10+ mile run right now. Part of the plan entails no more coffee after I consume what’s in the tumbler, two cups I brewed at home after the first two I had. Had the opportunity to get in some pushups, one long-ish plank, and that’s it. Emma woke at around 2, so I went back to sleep but before doing so I thought about the run, and I think too much. Planned on a 4AM jaunt but the in-the-dark sprints still unnerve me for some reason. Not sure why. Our neighborhood poses no real threats, and I run fast enough where I wouldn’t be targets. Whether I run or not is one thing, but waking earlier must happen. Especially as Emma gets older. Being the writing father who runs poses challenges, accosts, and the aggressor is time and finding time to do what I need do.