Didn’t finish my 1,001-word piece. 

But I think I traveled something like 700 or so wordsteps into its center, past its center and towards its cliff.  Okay… again planning to wake at 5 or before for a mean run.  Want to be militant about my fitness story, transform myself into someone I never thought I’d be.  My run tomorrow will be succinct and prolific (and I never use that word).  Tired from day, thankful that Summer’s over.  Thinking of more new approaches to everything in the writer’s life.  Everything.

Losing interest in this sitting, but I’m honing on the bottle, the Ox finally consolidating as he said he would for so many years.  Have to bring myself to a certain place, mentally and elementally.  Avoiding typing ‘spiritually’, but I’m in that such hold.

Tomorrow should be easy.  But who knows.