Getting a bit delirious and

dizzy at the desk.  Went for a walk outside, saw sky finally, clouds clearing and gifting the air and softened sense of purity, more communicative and embracing.  Need to go out there again, just for one more taste.

Leaving soon for lunch.. a wine country lunch I know I shouldn’t treat myself to at the General Store.  But I need it.  Challenge to Self: one video, ten pictures.  A blogger has to be in constant mode of recording, capture, pocket and post.  Listening to music still, which helps.  My mood doesn’t sink or sour, just still.  Not much movement or electricity about me.  Need the five or seven minute drive to the store.  And I’m thinking now.

Couple more work efforts before going.  Light wind I can see pushing the canes, from my seat here.  When on travel, what will I see from a window, my hotel window or from a taxi.  I always wonder this.

Been back for a few hours.  Moved a pallet of wine to three different locales, Collyn and I.  On the crush pad and in the heat, and now I’m more ready for a beer than to meet students.  But I recollect, glugging the remaining coffee from the tumbler, but I think now more Chardonnay that anything’s warranted.  Woes of a winery character.  Not so much woes as comical complaints.  Right ahead of me, my view of that Cabernet block, then the hill.  Day winding down, thinking I’ll take my time in leaving, have a splash again of the ’15 Chardonnay.  Mind lazy and a unusual slug roll— me, me, me now, not as quick as I need.  Look at the pictures you took and wake UP!