Wine Tasting – Item 9 on List

img_3629Satisfied by going up the street to the little, or not so little, business park on Coffey.  Carol Shelton.  Always wanted to visit her tasting room in the park, and I was more suggested to go when some people from back east (think NY, other day in my tasting room) said they just came from Carol Shelton.  “That’s a long drive,” I said, they not knowing I do it and a couple blocks more five days a week.  One of the two ladies said, “Oh well we’re members there and she does amazing Zin.” Uh…  Yeah she does.  Went into the cozy, and air-conditioned-thank-god tasting room.  Greeted immediately by Caroline (no, not the owner/winemaker).  She started pouring whites, starting my chapter there with a white Rhône blend dubbed “Coquille Blanc”.  Everything I could ever want to sip on a 90-plus-degree day like this.  Pretty harmoniously distributed amalgamation of Grenache Blanc, Roussanne, Viognier, and Marsanne, that catapults tropical character atop more tropic notes and taps, paradiddles and subtexts.  A Rosé that I wound up purchasing, then into the Zins.  Hard to say which was my “favorite”, as I hate when people say that.  I mean, how can you say that one is, definitively and irreversibly img_3630your one favorite?  I suppose you could just say so, and that’s that, but Ms. Shelton’s wines are so expansive and masterful that I can’t just pull one and tag it my “favorite”.  They all stood out, made and impression and delivered genuine, non-contrived voice and varietal identity.  None were blatantly or obnoxiously jammy, or peppery…  They were all musical, jazzy, narrative and lively, cordial.  I will say, the Petite Sirah, 2012, from Florence Vineyards/Dry Creek was and is the wine that made me think about the body of the wine, its rhythm and shape, sensibility and what it wanted to communicate with me.

Was Item 9 on the day’s list of 2do’s, and I’m motivated to continue with my new demeanor on and with wine, my new perspective and mode, mood, that it’s a hobby.  It’s supposed to be fun, right?  And it’s cosmically clear that Carol Shelton is entirely having fun with her wine life, her creations and wined chapters.  She’s motivated me to be more into my own experience with wine, that it doesn’t have to be overdone, or overthought.  Just enjoy the wine…



The bar at which Caroline poured is small, unassuming and gentle, inviting.  That was probably the most enjoyable wine tasting I’ve done in, I don’t know… years maybe.  Most certainly popping that Rosé tonight, and will deconstruct it not be excessively or abusively analytical, but to communicate with the wine, see what it wishes to communicate with me.  I want to love wine, even its industry, like I used to.  And this visit to ‘CS’ is a fantastic ignition.  Not too worried about the other items on list.  I’m fine if I get nothing else done.  Feel like I’m a student of wine again, just having attending a riveting and spellbinding lecture.  “Just sip, taste, that’s it,” I say to myself, realizing that those people are right to make it a point to stop into that room in the business park.