Teaching Myself

img_3640To declutter.  I’m just throwing shit away.  As it’s all shit.  Papers and receipts and clutter clutter CLUTTER.  Now, only three piles remain.  I know, still a lot.  But those piles are mostly papers from this past semester.  My Equilibrium very much lies in an decluttered reality.  Free from the “stuff”.  Have to be unusually organized.  Sipping a beer to celebrate all I threw away.  I’m learning, so I don’t want you to think I’m elevating myself to some… anything.  The one thing I’ve learned, though, is to not think about it, any one item.  Just throw it away.  The old backpack is next—  In fact, going to transfer everything in there now to the new one Mom and Dad gave me.

Today’s been most beneficial to me.  As a writer, father, adjunct, runner, wine pursuer…  Out to replicate, come morrow.