me: 4/25/16, even more continued

Still haven’t left.  But I will.  Other adjunct left.  and I’m done editing the first letter.. so now, gather email addresses, as many a I can.. ‘the awks’ is a letter meant to light the wick of conversation or some directed discussion.  So we’ll see.  But I won’t give up after the first issue, BELIEVE ME!  huh, I need to believe myself.. coffee. Then back to work on blog—  and it’s not THE awks.  Just awks.. glad I got that straight..  okay, seriously now.. coffee…IMG_2469

With coffee.  Now to do some research.  On a couple aspects of my business as a blogger/writer/journalist/whatever.  Music on the other side of the door, again.. need to cook something tonight.. but what.  Mind everywhere, ‘cause I’m tired.  Snap out of it.. no nap when home!

Have to leave soon.. 8 minutes left.  Want to take some pictures, so may go a different way home.. but where, how, what.. those vineyards off of Barnes?  Off Piner?  Need more meditation this morning, and the ideas swarm upon  me in this adjunct cell.  Can’t wait to see the little Ms. Emma, Alice.. should ask if she wants breakfast, or anything, my wife.  Jackie woke last night, or early this morning alerting me of drenched sheets.  I told him not to worry and that he could sleep in our bed (which I know all parents tell us not to do but you know what… bugger off).

10:55— what to do, what to do…  ‘nother adjunct invades, loud, so I need to leave.  That’s the story telling me that it’s time to go.  Go enjoy a meditation in the vineyard.. take some pictures.. LIVE!  This adjunct cell is running out of life for me.