me: 4/25/16, continued

Just need to proof first issue of ‘awks’, the newsletter.  Class went better than I thought it would this morning, honestly.  Still need to intensify my habits and scholastic practices, be more like my students and less like a fucking professor.  Got rid of several apps on my phone, making my business and blogging, everything about me more simple.. less means better.  Well, in theory.  Going to need more coffee here, in a bit.  But first, more meditation.  More wellness with this Hutcherson song.  Which one is it?… oh, of course, “Old Devil Moon”.

Still so tired from the weekend.  All the drunks yesterday, with their bizarre demands and questions, and entitlement.  Collyn suggested jokingly that I talk to my students about entitlement, in class, about how it pervades society and is simply downright putrid.  And, I’ll tell my new friend tomorrow, I did.  How someone can brag about how much they spend on wine then heave such a conniption over not getting a free glass, which would have amounted to I think $3-something with his wine club discount, confounds and dumbfounds me.

I meditate, breath in this office, doors, open.  Have two classes for Fall, a 100 (Developmental) and a 1A.  My work load for the students in Fall will be even lighter than this semester, as many of the writings will be in-class, in their journals, recited and lectured by the students.  More holistic, my pedagogy from here onward.  Of course, if I’m on the Road I’ll relinquish the classes.  But for now, I have two.

Have to proof letter.  Will send out on Sunday the 1st, at night.  See how it goes, see who responds if anyone—  OH!  I forgot to include the “??’s” section.  Will do that after more coffee—

Other adjunct in here now, back from getting her coffee.. that’s my cue.. go—