me: 4/24/16

6:44AM, Jackie up and me tired from passport day 1.  But not letting my Self mope, or slope, or dope around this morning.  I’m blogging everything, writing unlike yesterday (well, until last night..), getting the day started as I want.  Don’t have to be at winery till 9:30, I think.  Will call Hospitality and check.  Jackie now loud, yelling at his cartoon “yeah dude! yeah dude!” I tell him to lower his voice as “Mama and sissy are still sleeping.” He tells me I’m not being his friend, and I go back to typing.. don’t need to shave, just shower dress leave.  No time to write as I want to, for two or more hours.  That’s tomorrow, Monday, my favorite day believe it or not.  funny how so many hate Monday.. I love it.  It’s part of my blogging drug addiction— have to check department for classes, first thing after class, if they have any.  Missed my call time on Friday, too busy at work.  And if they have nothing for me, then that’s the forced change I need in my adjunct life.  And I really need to start selling my words and serves and wine like I NEVER have before.. SELL.

Lazy Sunday for Jack, but not the ‘papablogga’. I work for my kids, always.. Just took a picture of Jack— OH!  Charge the good camera!  Thought of that last night while eating the choc’ chip cookies and sipping my decaf.  That coffee.. couldn’t believe how  much I enjoyed it.  But what I sip now, that morning electricity, black in a cup, drives me pleasantly mad.

Everything.. record everything.. go charge phone— mind going in a million different places for one reason.  The entrepreneur’s buzz.  Love.  Sip Pepsi, or 7UP like you did yesterday.. focus.

READERS:  What are you hoping for from today?

How are you going to get it?

And if you had to put it in ONE solitary goal, what would it be?  How would you word it?