mmc notes, 7/6/15

IMG_7058Woke early this morning from sleeping in odd position, or shape, or pose– ugh, couldn’t go back to sleep till slightly before 5, woke a little after six, but the pain had dropped and nearly retreated thanks to the one Advil..  Today, all about the mmc prospects, going to work on my messaging a bit, and services that I offer.. outline everything and then think about my pricing as Dad mentioned the other night.. “What’s my time worth?”, yes, but as well, “What’s the best value for my clients?”  The specialty will remain with blogging and content and editing (copywriting and editing), but as well wine education like with the somm I met the other day and some other bottle-centered sales ideas; selling creatively and not like we’re selling used cars or timeshares.

Onto the second cup this morning, Jack playing with his cars, I tell him we have to leave soon he doesn’t like that one bit yelling at me “ONE MINUTE!” Okay, I say, “You can have ten, buddy.” Gives me time to write and again go over what I have to do today, what leads I need to follow up on and what I need to organize and how I WILL organize my time once this whole thing picks up..

-buy domain name

-contact PR lady from yesterday…  DONE!!!

The day off to a seismic start, Jackie being such a good boy for his dreamer writer crazy Artist, but Hungry and SERIOUS, father.  This cup of coffee rids me of the rest of that odd pain.. again, pinched nerve?  I don’t know, but it was and still is a bit unpleasant.

After taking little Kerouac to school I’ll go to the Yulupa SBUX and work, and work till I have everything done, everything, then prep for class tonight–

Then home, to sleep early, no wine, run in the morning..  wish I could run today, but wishes are only wishes as long as you let them be wishes.. hmmm…….

9:56, at Yulupa BUX.. sending emails and promo-ing myself, however I can.. hustle hustle.. thinking while I listen to these chilled beats, what’s ahead of me, where I go, where I’m going, just more meditation from the writer.. typing ideas in another document.. have to buy url.. but have to be tight right now.. feeling as I did the other morning, I think last week.. so heaping with these sights and visions and assurances.. it’s going to happen, to me, and soon.. this company, or practice, or whatever you’d call it.  And what would you call it?  I guess a ‘boutique ad practice’, right?  This SBUX, so full.. so busy.. that’s how I want my office to be but not out of control.. I want us all, all working there, to EAT, and EAT nicely, live comfortably, be able to feed our families and be happy, actualize that ZEN.

And the day to start, and it follows me, not me it.  See what happens, what falls into the writer’s lap.

Playing with numbers now.. just playing.  If I charge… and work this many hours… oh….. that would be nice.. so nice.. wow, really nice.