MY Winery Story…..


Watching “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray. Time the obvious emphasis. And wine and winemaking and the novel, this novel, this winery story with this renewed Newness– but will I finish this winery thing. Should I? Well.. should I? On the Road soon me hopefully and write at Niagara Falls, not with it, or even about it. I can’t concentrate with this movie on. And the blog, the blogs, all the blogging and posts for nothing, just to post them, just so they can be like by some twits there out there in social land. What if I just want to write a novel, not a short story and not a shorts collection? So this winery story, may not be about me building a winery or taking steps toward being a bloody winemaker but a novel stemming from the winery days, all those day I spent and am still spending in the winery world, pouring, recording what people say as they sip, like the lady today, Kristin from Wisconsin, who said the Zin was “like hot chocolate for adults..” I could only laugh, with not at all at, then write it in the little pages– and now I see what this movie suggests: take life and steer it how you wish, and in the morning I’ll consolidate all these pieces on the laptop’s screen and focus only on the novel– and I’m not bloody kidding this time– and I think now: what if I could belt out novels like some musicians or bands churn novels or EP’s. And writing is only musical, I think, thinking about the ’07 Sangiovese. Writing tomorrow, and now with the TV off, I crave quiet the older I get and the more I need to write to Rooms, Rooms empty and wanting some observation logged– what would I do with anything patternized, why not the random and the filled, fulfilled.
Wine is Life, but so is the reaction to wine and writing in its presence. that lady today and the people she was with, her husband and another couple; her husband, Dave, taking notes on all the wines I poured and offering his thoughts, not overtly or pompously but certainly with some eagerness, always adding to what I said, and not with hostility, just a genuine eagerness. His reaction to the SB blend was interesting, complementing its acidity over and over: “This acidity is really somethin’, it’s so strong and really gives the wine a boost,” he said, then back to scribbles. What do I do with my wine, if I ever make it, or maybe I should just write what it would be like, my winery, hardly any of them are positive cash, far as I know and have heard. But if I only write about it then I don’t need be concerned– and look, what about the wine and the people sipping, why would that be ready? Because so many want to drink wine here, where it’s made, not just in their homes at a table for some occasion. When you sip any varietal at the counter, or bar, where the wine’s either produced or sold or based, then there’s more of a story, or “an experience” as these industry types want to always say. And honestly, I don;t have much push to go to a bank and ask for money to create anything, which is exactly what I’d be doing if I were to pursue this winemaking.. thing. OR maybe I should make some this vintage– what the fuck no. No.. if anything, go up there to the Cloverdale facility during harvest and record EVERYTHING! Write how quickly they move with those tubes and hoses and how the fruit is dumped into the tanks and the initial signs of maceration and fermentation can be detected with the olfactory envelopment of it all, all over and in the crushpad..the magic of wine and the stories of wine, that’s what I want to capture and what I want my books to produce is intrigue, the romance, the genuine interest like Dave with his notes at the bar. Sorry for missing yesterday’s entry call, but I’m here now, and I’m going to sleep with such stratospheric spirits; electric, eclectic, and not in any way esoteric! Or maybe a bit, with my always-vinoLit….. Wine, the stories, that what MY Winery is about.. a book, the looks of the winemaking teams as they process fruit, truck after truck, racking after racking, bottling, checking levels, and then all over again all while trying to keep their space clean, ‘sanitized’. I can’t do that, no way I could do that. But I can write about it.

I think.