Merry, Boisterous, Convivial

6:05, quite quiet, me on floor, typing, not letting Self back to sleep.  Still tired from the day yesterday, the onslaught from when the doors, or gates were opened till we left.  Hoping today’s a bit more tame but who knows.  And with my label, or “winery”, what do I want?  How would I have it designed?  By appt only?  Could I even pull that off?  Probably, but what if you don’t book as much, or do book and they don’t buy enough to cover a day’s overhead demands?  More I think, this may happen, especially after the remarks, two in one day (day before yester’), messages on social media and emails about how wonderful my wines are tasting.  One of the notes, written by Katy, the wife of a winemaker friend of mine, read “Had your New Dad Red.. keep making wine, you have a real gift.” I smiled and smiled, waiting for our order up the street at the golf course, while I enjoyed my beer.  And the other note, from a couple living in the East Bay, actually pouring it (my Merlot) for some company they had over.  So I reasoned right there, sipping the last of the Lagunitas that I’ll make wine this vintage, not just write about it, and get closer to the winery, Arista, learn more and take notes and find suggestions in the wines that I want to mimic or perhaps build upon.  Winemaking is not beyond any ability in my continuum, at all, and I will do it.  As well.. I will move wines on this wine blog, wines I believe in and ones that I feel exhibit some entrappingly ambrosial character, and all through words, the words and the wines will forever be linked– and that IS what brought me into the wine world, quite frankly, as I’ve disclosed to so many people: the stories, the STORY.  And that’s what the story wants me to do, I’m realizing, be one with wine and one with wine in my writing and teaching and every literary and/or pedagogical effort for the remaining days of Mike Madigan.  I try to ignore wine and the industry, but I find it too interesting, and that question Dad posed at Monti’s months ago still very much me haunts: “In a perfect world would you write or teach?”


“Well you should write about or do something with wine, ‘cause you still like wine and find it interesting, right?” he said, sipping that PlumpJack Merlot I brought.

Yes.  Definitely.  Now I see it.  I see it all.  And if I could get more into how the brand of Arista is managed, not so much by Mark and Ben but just how it, the brand, expands and retracts and what wines are grasping sippers’ assiduity.

Back from working on the RRV Pinot push through the blog.  Think this will work.. the idea is to bring the winery buyers through the blog, sell it but don’t sell it, if you know what I intend.  And the adjunct role in my life diminishes then, right?  Well, I guess.. I certainly don’t want to teach 6 or 7 or more classes if I don’t have to.  I’d never see the little Artist nor my wife and candidly, it wouldn’t be as much fun as wine.  Wine is simply more fun.. ‘fun’, need a better word, I’m hating my wording this morning in this entry, if I can be honest.  And, like Dad has always told me, “You have to have fun.” And that’s especially known now, since the weekend of Uncle Ross’ service.  Still can’t believe that.  And I have to write them, the cousins, another letter.  And a former student.  And a couple others.  And organize this laptop.. all which gets done tomorrow, an awaited day off.  Drop Jackie off early, get coffee, grade for a bit, then write then grade then have a surprising streak of words streaming from my senses if I have any left.  And, I guess, try to run, at gym, and if the knee talks to me then I’ll swim (which I’ve been meaning to do anyway).

6:33, fridge stopped humming.  So much to move out of this house, or condo and into the new house on Autumn Walk, where the New Mike finally starts his Story.  And with this journal and my wine writings and pursuits and curiosities and links to Literature and jazz and everything Art I can only succeed.  Why?  ‘Cause it’s honest, it’s Truth, it’s what I want to do.  So pleased I didn’t let myself fall back into sleep.

Thinking of coffee.  Of course.  None in house.  Why didn’t I get some the other day when I was at the store?  I had the sense to get those snacks, beer, and something else.  But not coffee?  Shame on me!  Well, I’m somewhat paying for it now, but I’m quite quick this morning for not having a cup yet.  Part from me tempering my wine sips last night, bringing home that ’12 Zin from the winery.  Another wine I want to write about…..

Interesting how I went away from writing/blogging from wine, but here I am, where I started in 2009, writing about wine in my own way, the whole vinoLit approach.. thinking thinking thinking and the ideas swarm to me this morning to assist their writer and developer into something no one’s seen before.  That’s the point, wouldn’t you say, of any Artist’s effort?  Truth.. be ‘declarative’ like Hem urged.

Think I hear Jack upstairs, walking around, or searching for something, he’ll call for me any minute, but I’ll beat him to it.

Going up.. breaking from my ideas, and if they’re as valuable as I think they are, they’ll stick to and simmer in me…

Posted Pinot Promo to blog.. see what happens.  I’ll push it the best I can, and in the tasting room the RRV PN will be my focus wine for the next 4 days (how long I’ll push the promo)..

Jackie plays downstairs now with me, while Alice upstairs rests, collects.  Back from store with coffee, and a new perspective and encompassing scope on wine and me as a writer/adjunct professor.. thinking

9:11, set to leave in 4 minutes but I’ll probably launch near ten.  The stress of the move is certainly getting to Alice but not so much the writer; I see transformation, I see motivation and rich challenge and I see another standalone piece, or set of, in this new house.  The condo now quite quiet, and I’m on the floor where I started this morning, but surrounded by more evidence of Jackie’s play and reign in this structure and surroundings set.  Today at estate I hope to have some notes taken, all wine-honed and starting of a story built.. and I can’t forget that, the notion and persistence and reality of building something, what I want to build for my family and me and the Life I see for myself as a Beat writer…..