inward jot – 12/6/17

This morning I keep thinking of what Kerouac said, about one day finding the right words and that they’d be simple.  And yesterday working with students on final paper directions and thesis statements, what they wanted to say with the final written work…. Do what you want.  Whatever’s in your head, be it a nayContinue reading “inward jot – 12/6/17”


Now Emma home sick.  Wife coming home at noon so I can make classes, prep a bit.  Know just what to speak on, today.  But this morning, I feel like I haven’t written in days… which isn’t true.  Wrote yesterday in little notebook… just another night of disrupted sleep and a sick little girl thatContinue reading “notes”

journal – 1/17/17

Ici Maintenant Semester started, and I’m off, off running with the students into another 18 weeks of prize— knowledge and learning and self-actualizing.  By the end of this semester I’ll be off, traveling, sharing ideas and writing everywhere.  Nothing will stop me, not even my occasional self-doubt and self-attached weights and anchors.  Told the 1BContinue reading “journal – 1/17/17”


Less than 30 minutes left of my 2 hours to self to write.  Listening to different music now.  No more Hutcherson.  Not now..  Eating a bagel after taking a break.  No I didn’t nap, though so tempted.  Looking left, receipts from yesterday.  Stressing me out…  Loose change on right.  There has to be some symbolContinue reading “note”

Where I’ll Work

Finally a chance to write freely.  Just posted to teaching blog, eating a cheeseburger and fries from the caf’… time to self.  Yes, the adjunct professor gets that.  Held writing exercise, or freewriting prompt in the 100 class, inviting students with inquiry, “What’s your story?” I had to ask myself what my story was andContinue reading “Where I’ll Work”

I will let NO ONE dictate my pace.  EVER.

On campus, in the adjunct cell, with my “lunch” if you could call it that.  Haven’t told the department yet about my 1A, only ‘cause I wanted to come directly here to write, but I’m more than ever motivated to go down to one class, or only accept one additional course if it’s right afterContinue reading “I will let NO ONE dictate my pace.  EVER.”

I Pick

In the adjunct cell and I immediately started grading the English 100 papers when I sat down with this cannon of coffee.  Now the adjunct takes some notes in the “holstered journal”, as I mention it to my students.  Not sure where to go with this sitting just know I’m back on campus after takingContinue reading “I Pick”

Teaching Who?

Continuing on with my 3-page mission for the day, trying to distance myself as much as I can from the food poisoning, I think about teaching.  Why I teach, and if I’m really “teaching”.  I guess I am, but, again, I look at my pedagogy as more an invitation to exchange ideas, with an emphasisContinue reading “Teaching Who?”


On campus, and much recovered from the food poisoning frolic recent.  Still not 100%, but leagues better than yesterday.  Thought yesterday at the winery would never end, with the sore joints, fever, infuriated core.  But, it’s over, no more.  In adjunct cell with blueberry muffin and coffee, appreciating words from a fellow adjunct telling meContinue reading “Back”

Fall 2016, Day 3

Nice first meeting with 100 section.  Now I sip coffee after posting to blog I set up for students, thinking how I can intensify creatively the momentum for this semester.  Have a plan for 1A, but I’m not too jazzed about it.  What do I do.  How many teachers, especially adjuncts, ask themselves this, orContinue reading “Fall 2016, Day 3”