Tomorrow’s the first working day but I’m starting today.

Will do reports for the director and line up calls.  Lazy Sunday morning, me sleeping in a bit again but with an urgency about me to run.

Only one email from a student, the one I was communicating with yesterday who received a B and thought she deserved an A.  I wrote her again last night, and she responded saying she agrees.  Case closed.  Not that I’m concerned, but celebrating that it’s one less thing I have to deal with.  The other student who is pleading for a C…..  What I have to deal with.  Part of me wants to stand my ground, and the other says why hurt a student even if he more or less brought the hurt on himself, this term, during a pandemic.  The entire semester on lockdown, and awkward, and just a shit show.   You know what, I’m giving him the C.  Fuck it.  Honestly, the JC has more faults and flaws and is so inconsistent in its support of students that….. yeah, giving him a C.  Would make the young lad’s day.  Ugh, can’t handle that I’m at the age now where I can say that shit and it’s accurate, “young lad”.  Moving on.

After I start typing, I feel eased with the heater on, coffee, wondering what to do today other than the run.  100% chance of rain it says for tomorrow.  So?  I don’t know, kind of wish it were set to rain today so I didn’t have to run.  Is that bad?  I love running, just not in the mood for it.  Relax, it’s early.

Jack heads upstairs, I ask what he’s doing and if he wants to hang out with Daddy.  “In a little bit?” He says, and with that escapist tone like he doesn’t know if I’ll buy what he’s selling.