Kids playing, and Emma’s voice making me smile and laugh a bit here at desk.

Running at noon, I tell myself.  Garmin, so no music this time.  Route will be simple, one giant ‘L’, out and back.  Not overthinking it, and not overthinking tomorrow either.  First day prospecting and calling on businesses in 2021.  Also emailing English 5 students for the first time.  Not sure if I want to use the blog as the main meeting place, or try using Canvas for the first time.  Will have to think about it for a while…. Don’t want to do the same thing I’ve been doing since Covid hit.  Then I decide, yes.. use the #professormikey blog.  Not just for branding purposes, but for familiarity and forcing self to get more creative with it.

10:21am, Maybe running later.  Like 1 or 2.  Want to spend more time with the big kids, and little Henry.  “They grow up so fast” and all those corny lines zooming through my head, and it’s true as much as I roll eyes actually and metaphorically.  They do.  And they don’t stop.  Mom always cites that song ‘Cat in the Cradle’, and she’s profusely right.  Nothing I can do.

Kids keep playing, and I listen.  Smiling, not really laughing anymore.  Studying what they say, how all they want to do is play, enjoy their morning and nothing stops them.  They just do just that.  It’s impressive, and humbling frankly.

Stalled, stopped, by running thoughts.  Just going to make self go out there.  Start slow, stick to the planned route, and tally what you can.  Running is exactly like writing.  You slow down and then accelerate pace later.  Today I’m a runner, I tell myself.  A writing runner, writing about running and wine and kids, reading, and EVERYTHING.


Attitude going into tomorrow.