Prospecting, but slow. Woke this morning in slow slug of a trudge.

Sipping coffee and slowly coming to.  10:52.

All this news about covid and the rise in cases and how slow it is for businesses especially small businesses… ugh.  Feel like I will be writing for my life, any day now.  Even with as well as I’ve been doing.  Just Monday thinking, I think this is.

Kids back in school, and I can’t get enough of my daughter’s voice, her sweet little singing spurts and telling her teacher what new toys she has from xmas and which one is her favorite.

Feeling the 6.1-something mile run from yesterday.  Nearly tempted to take a quick nap.  I won’t though, I promise.  Sticking with caffeine and water, with prospecting.

Relatively quiet on company chats, emails.  Sent some pricing to a prospect I was talking to last week.  Doubt he’ll bite, but who knows.  He’s in the event business, the audio-vis’ side, and as we all know the events world and business is all but extinct because of covid.  I can’t worry about it, and I won’t.  Really, there’s only so much I can do from this couch.

Oh yeah, starting the new year here on the couch and not at that goddamn desk.

Ordered textbooks for Spring classes.  Will send letter to students later in the day.  Tomorrow if not today.

I’ll be honest, I’m not in much mood to write, email, research, or anything.  One AE asked in the chat when we find out what our new quotas will be.  Don’t want to think about it.  Makes me a little nervous, then excites me, then I’m back to being indifferent.

The three month old Mr. Henry woke this morning all smiles, energetic and giggling.  Envy the wee human.  Come on Mikey, wake the fuck up.  Get creative, get writing… email these new businesses, look for EVERYTHING.  I have to keep saying this to myself or I will go upstairs and take a nap.