Today I’m going to get a bit more centered in the writing as an AE.

More letters and notes to people be they vendors or business owners, potential partners across various professions, anything and everything.  Also, going to make myself stick to the aims I set forth for self. Last night had the aim of just sitting here at the desk and seeing if I could antagonize production, or trick myself into doing something, and I didn’t.  I woke this morning disappointed in self yet understanding I need to madly amplify everything I do, be it writing my way to what I want as an AE, to running, to finishing a book, to opening the wine shop somehow this year still in a pandemic.

Used to write these flight plans to the director.  In this new year, and forevermore and forward I’m writing them to me and posting here on Bottledaux.  Came across a company yesterday, can’t remember its name right now but they were very much the way I see Bottledaux developing, in some respects.  Those being education, self-education, instruction on certain career-pushing angles…. AIM ONE, write Bottledaux aims with timelines and, or, due dates.  TWO, write in 1948 journal and post everywhere.  THREE, set at least two appointments… any kind.  Vendors, prospective clients, other writers or runners, bloggers or business owners, anything.

There, stopping there.  Making sure I keep the number of aims low, and all realistic.

Saw son Jack up a bit ago.  He needs to be logged onto his zoom school shortly, in about 14 or so minutes.  Should go get coffee for Melissa and maybe myself, so she wakes to her mocha and the day takes off with a certain music.

Okay, one more aim, FOUR – Write out MY happiness.  This could take a number of forms but I’m just going to start writing.  Just one line demanded from self.  See if I can do that.  Hope so…. Huh, hope I don’t repeat last night’s laziness.  What was that?  Why did I just, well, not do anything?  I had Quiet, the most treasured and happiness-inducing assembly singular that I’m not wishing for and hoping for and needing more and more day to day.  Never mind, today is different.

Hear Jack turn on his light, he’s getting ready for the day.  Glad I woke hone I did, today.  Yesterday sleeping in till after 8 which absolutely sends me.  The earlier the more promise, the more potential something will even more quickly materialize.  This reminds me for some reason that I need to send the letter to this semester’s students….  Just added a bit to the letter.  Will edit minimally later today then send.

Will be in the chair till after 5, even if it’s only 5:01.  Guess that’s another aim, but that’s what needs to happen everyday.  That, I actually did accomplish yesterday.  Okay… leaving to get coffee.  Listen to some relaxing beats, or a book… one of the authors reading her or his work.  His, being Sedaris of course.  What is it about him and his writing I like so much, that I’m so taken and motivated by?  Who knows.  Either way…. Coffee.