One interruption, kids and the breakfast demand.

Two, getting coffees.  My choice, but still being logged.

Three, doing dishes kids left from breakfast.  Cleaning kitchen a bit, sink, and loading then running dishwasher.

Started a ‘notes to self’ doc on the Sonic laptop yesterday.  Will write there during day, and return here either on breaks or, and, at end of day.

8:56am enjoying a little music and freed writing before day starts.  Sip caffeine, text Mom..

Done.  Hoping to run at 11.

Another break in sitting – asked to go up and check on Jack as he called for one of us.  Just did, he said he was fine.  I asked him again, said he was fine.  So I came back to keys.

Interruption earlier, but one welcomed with holding little Henry and hanging out with him here in the office while I worked, or tried.  On writing break now.  Told self I’d write in the ’48 journal but typing instead.  Running scheduled for later, 2 or 3 but I think that’s just too late.

Feel self getting bored with wine, again.  What do I do.  Don’t want to spend too much time tasting, rather than writing, and don’t want to devote too much money to buying wine.  Have the Caddis wines in closet, and that Cabernet was amazing last night, sang a new song to me but even with that I’m a bit, unmoved….

Thinking of starting a wake-up time grid, or journal where I only note the date and time.  Going to, right now.  Starting with yesterday.  Today was earlier, by about 40 minutes.  I think 40 minutes exactly, if I’m not wrong.

Do I run, or get tacos.  Sorry, that’s funny, that juxtaposition and question.  Then I tell myself no.  5 miles at 2pm.

Started wakeup time log.  More of a log than journal.

Tacos….  Why not.  No, don’t do it.

Should get back to work, to prospecting, finding these new businesses and “cool businesses” as I often search.  Need to do that more, be more playful and exploratory when prospecting.

This little-ass desk is a disaster zone.  I’m cranky.  Stop talking to me, tacos/El Brinquito!!