Thought about taking a nap, but didn’t. Shot of espresso instead.

New Ines to try tonight.  Well, one is new.  The other is an Elizabeth Spencer SB I’ve had I don’t know how many times.  New one is that Portlandia Pinot from Adam LaZarre.  Always see the bottle when waiting for sandwiches at Oliver’s, but never got around to getting one.

Went for walk earlier with kids.  Jack an Emma pretending to be explorers with their walking sticks, telling me that they’re wilderness explorers and Jack teaching Emma survival tactics in the wild.

What time now… 3:37pm.  Time to write with Henry upstairs asleep and his mother watching him, possibly resting herself.  4pm, trying that Spencer SB.  Been a while since I’ve had it, right?  It doesn’t change that much, just a fun wine to sip.  Not a wine that really needs a lot of analysis, not that any wine does I think anymore, but just a white wine to sip around the house with the heater on with the outside overcast and low temp won’t budge.

Two students emailing me about their grades.  Both were civil, but both expressed surprise with their grade.  Responded to each briefly, and that’s about it.  This is just the reason I’m teaching this semester then I’m done.  If you don’t turn in the final essay, how do you expect to pass.  And, with the other student, if you didn’t turn in everything, how do you expect to get an A.  Again, done.

Keep having to tell Jack and Emma to quiet down, and they do for about two minutes, maybe, then louden.  Perfect excuse for some wine.  The parent’s ever-loving assistant, right-hand, like a rabbi and priest, poured.

Looking at old pictures… the journal, Henry, wine glass empty, full, and a page of scribbles.