Grades in. Writing letter for next semester’s group.

Keeping it so simple, it’ll be laughable who doesn’t get an A.  Seriously.

Everyone up, and moving around the house.  Little Henry all smiles, till he gets tired of course.

Me with more coffee, and ….  Kids complaining.

Back from a little tummy time with Henry.  He’s stronger, much stronger than even yesterday now nearly able to touch buttons on this singing parcel of the cushion made for such an activity.

10:23 – Doing what today.  I don’t know, running?  Being a dad?  What else?  Find myself again getting bored with wine, and writing about it, even visions of the shop.  So I do what Sedaris and Lawson, Irby, or any humorist would do and mold comedic composition of wine and people who taste it all the time, see themselves as experts.  Winemakers who love being seen as gods and can’t get enough of the praise.

Then start targeting people like me, “wine bloggers”.  What is their, my, function.  Make fun of everything.  Me again, with not seeing something in wine, or not connecting with it, then writing about it and boring the shit out of my readers if any.

I should grade myself.  I’ll do it now.  D, and I’m being “EXTREMELY generous”, as I just wrote in email to students preemptively against again arguing of grade.  How do I get to an A?

Stop thinking.  Just write.  And stop expecting something from wine, like your friend Chris’ Zins should do something specific… the single vineyard should do this, and the AVA designate should do this.  STOP DOING THAT.  What makes you think you even can?  You’re a consumer, right?  Not an expert.  And if you called yourself a wine expert, or expert in anything, then you’re and mud-borne as the next.