4:36pm Readying for class.

After a nap, I feel much more me, like I’m supposed to be in the day sped in a productive angle.  Still though, not full self.  Fraction of my sight and function principle is diverted by this bug.  No more sniffling, throat soreness a past thing, and now I’m here, ready to close the semester.

Noise battle – Outside.  Kids.  Yelling and contesting, protesting about something.  During one of my nap spells today I fell asleep thinking about a book, mine, yawing away from my usual project to project step and actually finishing a book.  Either the ‘stemz’ idea, or ‘New Journal’, or the though the other day of San Miguel & Santiago.  Not sure which it was.  But it was a book, me, at the table typing at 3-something, or could have been the hour I’ve been waring for forever, 4.

4:41…..  Students’ll be on blog soon.  I’m ready, and more than being ready I’m eager.  Eager to get into the next year, build my business, get to my office.  Be in Marin, SF, covid or no.  Not the issue.  What is… class tonight. Being stuck in this house and with this new SIP order, who know.  More notes.. time to write is becoming scant.

Words.  Little bursts like Henry’s moans, now by the tree.