Class always has me a in revived rile after it happens.

Complain before, then after I want to take on something much more grand than self, like the world, or some other world or universe.  I’m not mawkish now, I swear.  Just empowered.  With something that has me writing about writing and seeing more in my pages, in this new lockdown that’s about to happen.

Jack complaining about something in the kitchen, not sure what.  Henry making his little cloudy sounds, Emma making something with crafts.  Poor Melissa trying to control them and make Jack happy.  Maybe I should be int here helping but I had to get this out… refocusing on writing, not that was ill-centered in my writing habits and day-to-day ways.  I’m newly emphatic in writing, that’s all.

Opened the Gerwurtz bottle.  Poured self a full glass in the stemless plastic, now gone.  Have that red from last night.

Tonight I’m wanting music, new tracks… from Thievery to Tosca, Tycho to Jay-Z or Talib.  More lyrics, more poetry.  The nap from early, woke me, re-wrote me.  I’m not the like-Mike Madigan as earlier today.

Trying to build a wine cellar, be more disciplined…  Starting with these new Dutcher bottles.  But that Cooney Cabernet seduces me even when it’s no where in this Room.