In caps by accident.  Sipping one of the cold brews Melissa bought me a couple weeks ago.  I need to sip quick, and the day needs to be addressed with more fervor and hunger.  One appointment scheduled for the day.  Typing at small desk now only ‘cause kids are on couch.  Promising self that the entire day is to be on couch.  No more of this desk, like I said aloud yesterday to Melissa.  She immediately looking for new desks for me, which I thought was kind.

The house, shrinking around us.  Yesterday I declared a stay-in-room order for the kids’ toys or anything.  See how that goes.  But in any perspective, we need a new house, a bigger one.  Aim is to buy our parents’ partnership and rent this to a small family or single couple or whomever.

Doing budget, and looking at houses.  Keeping my ABC (Architecture, Building, Construction) vertical in the AE story and sea.  Anything having to do with anything having to do with those three roads, I go after.  Thinking I’m in construction, or a resource to construction.  There’s something there… new story and possibility, I noted yesterday in the 1948 journal.