Calling starts in 15. More coffee.

Notes taken already, how to intensify December.

Office so small, getting agitated.  Then a solution presents itself.

Jack complaining about being bored and not having much free time till he has to log on again.

Changing gears in prospecting, a bit.  Changing everything.  All approaches and note-gathering radiance.

Done with coffee for the day, switching to sparkling water.  About to go for a drive, go to store.  Part of day I devoted to emailing, coming up.  Henry crying, calling, going up to see what the little chap needs.

Working from home, the balance and step-set… that’s the story.  Locked in home, no prospecting… rising covid cases, so what.  Make the entire thing virtual, re-write.  Jack in class and singing under his breath but so someone near can hear.  Making percussion sounds with his mouth in tandem with melody.  MUSIC, I think.