Back from quick trip to the store.  Over $50 in coins, even with the take from that coin machine.  Put in envelope, thinking more of moving business focus, reshaping projects.  All writing-laced and purposed.

Hungry, time for quick lunch here in home.  Something light, not that hungry.  No nap today, so espresso shot needed after whatever I eat.

1:56pm Off call with Tom Foreman.  I’m thinking differently about running, writing, what I’m doing right now.  How I want to be remembered, how I now want to be seen.  Going to make some espresso, write the rest of the afternoon.  On this laptop, the work one.

Running tomorrow morning.  And I want it to be cold.  I want it to be uncomfortable.  Told the story of the Surfer’s Path Half’ that I did last year, while sick and running though what I still compare to a hurricane….  Made me want to change, be more of a runner.  I know I know, say say say….  Time to DO.  Actuate what I advocate.

Kids in other room being loud, Jack especially.  Tonight I’ll be working… maybe pull that all-nighter I’ve been thinking about and mentioning here on blog, dreaming about and keeping only that, a dream.

The small desk, table, here, getting crowded again.  Clean a bit maybe, then write more about the desk, about the alerts popping up on Teams.  Taking the rest of the day but not.  Just stay here at desk, look for runs…. Not sure if there’ll be any next year, but I can hope.  I can drive somewhere and run, do a distant and demanding course.

Emma crying in the other room or fake-crying as Melissa either cleans or cuts her finger nails.  Now Jack wants to come into this partial office area and show me how clean his nails are.  “Did Mommy clean those for you?” No, he tells me.  Oh.  Then he walks away, back into the room to taunt Emma while not being tortured.

2:03 The afternoon stalls, hovers above itself.  An email comes in, but I’m just attached on it.  No sales for the week has me a bit eyes-to-floor.  What can I do, especially now.  Normally, I would go out into the street and give cards to whomever.  Now, I call.  I made calls this morning, set one appointment, and that’s about it.