Henry in office with me in his rocking little chair, looking at xmas tree.

Feeling a little tired, with that cold-head.  Pushing through it with prospecting and writing, sipping coffee made here in home.  Have a call at 1, then zoom at 3, then wait till class.  Still haven’t written the schedule yet.  12pm – Break, have something to eat, lunch of some kind, waffles maybe or dry cereal.  1pm – call.  1:30pm, 3 posts, anywhere.  2pm…..  Starting to feel tired.  Sip coffee.  Throat hurting more than it did earlier in day.  Forgot the bug kids are in the other room.  Should I reschedule my meetings, calls?

Henry looks up at me, still-face, as if to say “Take off the rest of the day.” Maybe will.

Jackie comes in to show me a drawing he just did, Woodstock and Snoopy.  He’s on a virtual fieldtrip with his virtual class.  Everything virtual now, and I hate it.  And more shutdowns threatened.  Likely.

Henry making funny noises, quiet in other room.  Me even more certain I need the rest of the day.  Found more leads, Architecture firms in Oakland.  Not in our territory but we can still service them.

Done with day..