Again getting a shot of that gratitude.  With the coffee, working at the counter here.  Love my office but needed a change of consistent visuals and actual chair.  The other day working up here while Jackie was home sick.  Friday, it was Friday…. And my kids, staying with me tonight and tomorrow night.  Dinner at my parents’ tomorrow. Everything is in the “right” place, I realized having brunch with my friend and how I’m not there anymore.  I don’t see the same people anymore.  Now I commute.  To SF… dim sum the other day with new coworkers.

Like I’m a student again.  New classes, new textbooks, syllabi.  Completely what’s happening and the state and mind where I’m locking this new Mike Madigan.

So what am I learning right now?  To be patient.  Take my time.  Shorter notes, shorter writings.  Less is beneficial, more only makes your energy and spirit fizzle.   Last sips of coffee.  Thinking about the kids and this single dad life, the AE mentality… money, vacation, taking the kids somewhere, Kerri and I on some trip.. recently brought up the idea of going to Yosemite the other night at dinner.  I hate camping, as does she… so I clarified and said, “You know, what camping means to us… a nice-ass hotel with a view of Half Dome or whatever…” 

She laughed, agreed.  So now every day at some point in the afternoon I’m looking at hotels.  No tents or those huts I remember from my 7th grade trip there.