Getting close to bedtime.  All three of the kids here, FINALLY.  Henry sick last weekend, and then me with covid weekend before.  Or was it the weekend before…. Losing track of time and the layers and blocks, calendar squares associated.

Henry watching his favorite little cartoon, all kids calm.  Me staring at them like I’m getting to know  them again, like we’ve been distanced by actual distance.

Time is like a Road with no lanes, just movement, and one definite and direct direction.

Henry wants ice cream….  Back to duty.

Dessert done, now countdown to bed.  Shit, 8:58.  Just asked them if 9:30 is okay for bedtime and we have an accord.

Full from dinner and all I had was a taco salad, grilled chicken pieces inside, didn’t finish it.  My diet is changing, rarely ever having big meals. Kerri and I the other night splitting a burger and fries, and even that I didn’t finish, my half.

One couch with the boys, Henry kicking Jack and Jack gets annoyed, Emma enjoying her peace away from the males at the 228 Bar.  Watching a show, and the game which is muted.