Done with rough draft of Tuesday lecture. But I couldn’t fit in an address, or redress, of Kerouac’s prose rules. No matter.. I’ll save that for Thursday’s. 7:18, not sure I’m running this morning. I’ll go after work then, if I can’t go this morning. And with tonight’s run, on the belt, I’ll fit what I can in an hour, not going over as I did last workout (Wednesday?). At winery today, where I’m thinking of starting a little podcast, not sure if that’s what it’d be called, about wine and the estate and the RRV AVA, and whatever else I can think of, wine-related– Having trouble thinking of something to put on paper, something to convey, something with a moral or even worthy of readership..Kurt V!!!
IDEA!! Post draft of lecture to blog, then print final draft and bring to class! Have quotes on narrative or writing, or creativity … Time everything out! Have that on printed sheet… Consult Kerouac’s rules and a book of Lit terms and theory.. or something on narrative theory, just to share, not to take away from the freedom or fun in writing the narrative– oh yeah, and freedom! There must be some address, theme, sub-theme or subtext of ‘freedom’ somewhere in the text. That’s part of the exercise itself.. have that on your mind while writing…
Just copied and pasted some of the above, so I wouldn’t forget. Need a new laptop, so I don’t lose these writings, I don’t trust this thing. So why do I continue to use it? I swear I could strangle myself sometimes.. the inconsistencies, the writer-whining, the self-doubt.. it’s not in anyway appealing! And not what I want for my students, from their instructor of record..
Haiku all day, and all instructional or encouraging, in some light, or some theatrical nature.. pushing students, or just readers to act, to create.. make ART! That’s where the freedom is!