In the minutia of

midday. In nook with a beer and Alice and Jack at the park with Alice’s friend and her daughter. Looking forward to whatever Mom cooks this evening and some nice wine (which I’ll bring, Lancaster of course). Tomorrow, I’m hoping to run, possibly at the gym and play a little basketball, then come home to be with the little Beat and maybe read a bit and plan lectures for Tuesday. Was wondering where my books were and I forgot I put them upstairs… In sense swirl, post winery release, and I have to say, I’ve never felt this level of rise, of optimism, of forward. I’m here in this chair focused solely on my words and the words of the authors I lecture and my students. I WILL drink to that!
Finally finished the poem, “No Why Of”. Will post it to blog, but as a ‘whoso’ piece, the only magazine, subsidiary if you would of bottledaux. Still need to post Nate’s piece.. one on space and NASA.. door open, breeze into nook, hear cars speeding down Yulupa, for what? Superbowl isn’t till mañana. Keys left, so lovely.. no driving anywhere.. shit, battery low on monster.. quick! PLUGIN!!!
Much better, now I can relax, and you know I do on this couch even when I’m well over 100 prosepulses a minute [words…].. speaking of, I need some new– here’s one, talionic, somewhat how I feel towards a certain industry. But I don’t. I’m thankful, and growing, encouraging me to thob poetically, at least I hope I am. I’m closing in on 36, and I’m aware of everything, everything! MY bank account balance and my clothes and if they’re dirty or clean or missing, and my workout schedule and my papers (ones I haven’t graded and those I’m about to assign), and the time of day, always. Is this a product of age? This couch, forcing meditation, making me gnomic! So, thank you, good couch! Look left, our meek patio, Jackie’s swing, on which I pushed him playfully today, before his nap. He’ll be three, 15 days from now. HOW?