Almost onto page 15 of 41.  Need to read faster.  Still haven’t hopped in shower.  Having lunch down the street with Alice, later.  In a little less that 2hours.  May print pp15-20, to read faster.  Going to use up ink, but that’s part of being a writer.  Another cartridge, already?  We’ll see.

Mocha, gone.  But no energy lost, as we all were able to sleep in a bit, this morning.  “Dig deep,” as someone just urged I do with today’s escape.  I’m trying.  Decided: printing ten pages.  Then ten more.  Till.  I’m.  DONE.  Hate reading on screen.  Hate this device altogether, so why would I edit on it?  Ugh.. OVERthinking.

Calming.. but I want more coffee.  Reward for exiting shower, printing pages.

pp15-25, printing.  I’ll begin edits as soon as I’m done with shower.  And make Self another Verona [coffee type I have in kitchen].  Doesn’t look like the ink is fading, yet.  Quickly bold, as matter of fact, much like the Verona.  How I needed this day–  No, more importantly…  How my BOOK needed this day.  ALL my attention.

What do I open tonight, if I complete the reading of this first chapbook?  A bottle from AV?  No, don’t talk crazy.  And I’ll cruise up there tomorrow.

Printing done.  To shower.  I will





11:33am.  Taking break from read.  Done with shower, needing coffee still.  May have to leave soon, to get sandwiches.  Like what I’m reading, so far.  Small adjustments to be made.  And I think one thing that’s held me back in past, with Self-publishing, is letting writing out there with unresolved typos.  My resolution now: “So what.” I’m doing everything mySelf.  It’s going to happen.  Just get the writing out there.  Going to read this next page, finishing a piece.. hold on…

Done.  Need coffee, bloody STILL!  To print pp26-36, which leaves only 5 pages left for edit.  I’m finishing this book TODAY.