System Operating

5.5 mile run, 45min, 6sec (8:12/mi pace).  Barely tired.  Tomorrow, planning another run in morning, after Kerouac drop-off.  Tonight’s run, complicated slightly by the SB glass I had after work.  I remember thinking, “I’m not in the mood, I’ll just start tomorrow,” coupled with coworker enabling.  But when I came home, saw little Kerouac with his early evening energy bursting from his vocals, little movements, sprints around condo’s lower level, I knew I had to get out, hit Summerfield, Yulupa.

Tomorrow, need to finish grading, plan lectures, engage students with what I’ve found in ways of poetry, nonfiction.. AND fiction.  Speaking of latter, wrote a short story, or plan for, today at work, about flying, aviation.. about a young man wanting to fly, his first lesson, with his uncle who’s a commercial airline pilot (captain).  Will type what I can tonight.  And this eve.. NO WINE.  Will have to spill rest of Pinot I opened the other night, either tonight or tomorrow’s evening.

Didn’t go near my wines today.  And I need to, soon.  Don’t want them dying.  May text Blair for some assistance, tomorrow.  And I’ll top them when I arrive to work, Wednesday.


Just opened sparkling water #2.  Will cap night with the last decaf k-cup I have, drawer by toaster.  On run, thought about Kelly, my character.  What do I want my readers to know about her?  What do I[!!!] know about her?

I’m at loss.

Total loss.

Thought drought.



9:05pm.  Won’t be touching the short story outline I wrote, tonight.  Quite tired, and just want to take more notes, finish with this entry.  Grading.. my eternal enemy, before.  Now, I embrace it.  It’s a significant slice of the position.  Limiting Self to short run tomorrow morning.  Thought about doing an hour run.  But that’s not the most effective way to budget time.  Let me think.. get home by 9, leave by 9:15 for run, return before 10– running 3 miles.  Would love to get in 5, again, like tonight.  Why don’t I just shoot for that.. 45 minutes/5 miles.  Done.

Decaf, on-deck.  Had a friend at work today ask me, “Are you writing?” He then asked me ABOUT my writing, what my habits are, after my recital at bowling alley last night, of some spoken word.  Sorry, but I love being acknowledged a writer.  IT does more than simply “do something for me.” It’s the echo, the needed affirmation mirror.  I saw it today; felt it, heard it, was it.

The Road, closer.


Almost done with decaf, and this entry.  Can’t remember if there was anything else I wanted to note.  Yes: stay in Literary mode, with these classes; when in front of students and not.  [Thinking: Stanford, Stanford]  Just thought: what if I didn’t run tomorrow morning?  No.. can’t do that.  Have to run a little, at least.  Then, come home, get ready.  Leave for Petaluma.  If I can be on road by 10:15, putting me in cafeteria before 11a, that’d give me 90 minutes to get through grading.  And if I drive straight to mainland, I could finish grading for 1A, then write for a good 90 minutes.  But then there’s lectures to prepare, write.

I’m OVERthinking.  Precisely what I beg my students NOT 2do.  So I’m closing this sitting.  Just know, somehow, I’m getting everything done.

45 minute run,

English 5 grading, lecture writing

English 1A.. same.

Writing in between, somehow.


Done it before.