7/6/13.  Early with coffee.  Doesn’t look too hot outside.  I’ll be on Mountain, so I hope it’s not scorching the writer.  And I’m stuck– hate when this happens.  Should have just come to this log, began writing, instead of doting on the day’s 3PAGES.

Excited to taste wines at lunch today.  Want to be sure they have a pronounced character, ones conversant in their respective steps.  8:37am.. why won’t the morning, the bloody clock, let me write?  Hate being stressed, but I do it 2Self, with these obsessive diarist tendencies.  I guess.

Thought of the job I had years ago, in ’04, at that call center.  How I survived that, not sure.  But I know the writing helped.  All that verse I scribbled while there, going down that call list.  Then, 7 years later, I’d be at a different cube in Napa.  Funny how circles lasso you in, even when you tell yourself, “I’ll never be in this position again.” Well, this time I say that with angry certainty.  I’m closer to my office, and closer to seeing the Road, where I’ll gather candyshops of material.  Domestic, abroad.. any everywhere I can find, taste.

8:40am.  Haven’t sipped the coffee in a bit– There.  Much better.  Alice sends me pictures of the little Artist, walking around the gym, amazed by all the machines around him.  But I have to focus on this moment, what I’m seeing, hearing.  No music, and books everywhere.  Yes, the desk’s surface is cleaner, clearer for the writer.  But still quite busy, and it’ll continue to grow so I fear with the Fall term approaching.

Already need more fuel.  Legs, definitely drained from 10k Thursday, run/walk/hill stomp yesterday.  Bringing Flip Camera to work today.  Think I’ll film in the cave, when tasting, if I can.  Again, depends on how full Mountain Top is.  Hoping for a milder day, frankly.  I need it.  May have some days taken off in August, to prep for Fall’s term.  Glad I ordered my books, Wednesday.  And this is why I think both office and Road are closer: I’m organizing, in ways I before haven’t.  That can only mean flight.