mikeslognoblog, 10/23/12

2nite’s wine, 2009 Claret from St. Francis.  Accomplished my goal of 1000 words into book, during day, while watching little Kerouac.  Actually managed to inject over 1250.  The book, filling.  Finally racked a couple entries from mikeslognoblog into this project’s flights.  And on wine’s ever present topic, need to check in on mine come morrow.  My little Merlot…  Rain is expected, I think.  Which would make for a light traffic day, allowing me to scribble a couple Room notes, for blog or book [preferably book].  Before sleep tonight, one more poem.  A verse.  When touring with these verses, I’ll be writing new ones.  This cycle, I hope never demises.

Last time I had one of these Clarets, I remember being slightly impressed.  The cork is synthetic, so I hope the oxygen deprivation hasn’t crippled its character.  Again, thinking of my wine, almost too mentally active to log what’s passing through my synapses.

10:05pm.  Tomorrow, Monday.  For me.  Proud of mySelf today for passing 1000 words, have to say again, sorry.  Did so while Jack and I watched “Midnight in Paris.” Well, he slept through 90%+ of the film.  But I couldn’t get over the main character’s obsession with what was happening to him, how it would keep him awake at night.  Another sip of this Claret…  Seeing that tower, from a few blocks away.  Should go back to hotel Room, write something for tomorrow, something to say to this group of writers, press, scattered readers, but I’d rather just walk, see what happens.  Hopefully it’ll rain.  Kelly loves the rain, but she also likes those mornings with punctuated sun, cold atmosphere.. watching phantasms rise from her coffee.  We’d have a couple espressos, not coffees or mochas, at one of the metro stations.  Then just see where the day’d take us.  She’s driven.  Me, to extents lesser.  But nonetheless, with her I’m perceptive, deliberative.

This Claret, forcing me outside the box.  Thankful.  So glad my grading’s done.  Tomorrow night, I’m thinking, only a short session.  Want to get home early.  OR, go write, while outside it’s night.  Maybe at a new location.  Would have to be ink on sheet.  NO TYPING.  Only reason I’m typing now– Can’t think of one.  Guess I want another 500 words on a screen stamped with 2day’s date.  But I’m thinking.. I’ll “walk away with that,” like I always say to my students.  I’ll always ask them, “So what are we walking away with today?”, making sure they “learned” something.  So what am I talking away from this sitting?  1) That Kelly’s on mind more than ever before, as is the books I’ll about her craft– am crafting.. Pay more attention to her.  Dive irresponsibly into her profusion.  She wants you to; 2) I love red blends.  True, this one is a bit conventional, with its assignment of “noble” Bordeauxs, but it has me thinking. [sipping..] Can’t tell you how amazing that tastes; And 3) Dig deeper into mikeslognoblog.  Actually, I should re-read the whole blog–I mean LOG–as if it were a coherent book.  And maybe it is.


How do I keep acting?  I’m expected to.  But I’m getting

tired.  Punching out.