whim limb

10/4/12.  An artisan beer, crafted by a coworker, and a bottle of ’09 Russian River Pinot for night’s writing.  More than tranquil, content, equalized.  Still with the ideology that the other blog is done.  But, don’t want this one to be excessively bloggy.  That’d make its content predictably soggy.  My glass, empty.  Looking at these pictures from today, all that Viognier.  Everyone says 2012’s set to be a sizable vintage.  They have no idea.  I’m seeing more fruit than anyone can handle.  And that’s another thing, I don’t want this blog to drift from the Literary.  I’m a writer, might this penner remind thee.  All media in moderation.  But what if I want to turn bx into a business?  Have 2 sort that out.

Full glass by writer’s side.  Can’t remember the last time I had a Pinot I enjoyed this much.  May have another winemaking opportunity before me, but have to wait, see if it follows.  Using some of the upstairs stash in a “responsible” manner, tomorrow.  Not excited about it, but it’s what I think I should do, at this point.  Sipping…  Gorgeous.  This is the caliber of Pinot that would turn skeptics, cynics.  Makes me think about character, how more and more I notice that the tasting Room is all character, characterS.  Met a lady today, towards day’s end, from MI, who’s been keeping a wine tasting journal for 20 years.  She and her husband were in the Room with another couple they’d met, at our winery, years ago, when the other lady accidentally reached for the wine diarist’s pages.  A short-lived scuffled surfaced, soon after sequencing a pervading familiarity.  I remember thinking, “What a great story.” And it is.  Especially with the woman getting so aggravated by another figure touching, or even motioning for, her pages.  But, after all actioned, wine’s stage forwarded friendship.

This morning, 4 shot mocha.  Needed it, as I went in early, to learning winemaking, oeno-molding, ways.  Still waiting to hear from Katie, Kaz.  And, if in end’s bend, I don’t make a wine this vintage–  No, that’d be awful.  I have to bottle something.  So, if anything, what would I want?  Can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I think Chardonnay.  Starting to recognize it as an invitation for Creativity, oenological lawlessness.  I want to  preserve the Artistic element in winemaking; my aims Self-predicate in such.  This Papapietro Pinot tells orders me to continue my advance–  Artfully, Defiantly.

Comp Book, in bag.  Already looking forward to my Monday class.  Being back in that classRoom has served as a newly-woven circuitry for this sorted songwriter.  This is all music, I’m realizing; All verses, all rhyme..  All 2B performed.  And if this blog is to turn into some kind of “business,” the same mentality proves proverbial.  Just putting thoughts out there, wherever “there” is.  That’s all I know how 2do.  Maybe not the best quality, but that’s my affairs’, actions’, state.

Cooler today that yester’.  Tomorrow, even more subdued.  What that means for fruit, TBD.  I’ll see, and believe I’ll throw it to bx.  When this blog becomes bound, an actual book, the photos, video, gets lost.  But that doesn’t bother a writer.  IT shouldn’t.  ‘Cause we write.  That’s all.  Just as these deified winemakers make wine; and that makes them “artists.”

[10/4/12, Thursday]