Seen Futures

Tasted the final draft of a ’10 Old Vine Zinfandel today, with winemaker.  Tomorrow, I’ll be on the estate at 7am, possibly earlier, to capture first day of harvest.  Doing so for company, as well my own sovereign efforts.  First day of project R last night, couldn’t have gone better.  Already longing for second session.  Just have to simplify, if I had one critique of Self.  Want to work from a set draft of lecture notes, not three to four, five, sheets as I did last night.  Felt almost over-prepared.  Either way, I’m on the road to Stanford, with my challenges of institutional “requirements,” and rather antagonization students 2write for Self; wanting to do well in class for themSelves.

Cameras charging, before this first day of picking.  Learned today–well, actually experienced–the value of gum arabic on a wine.  Found it doesn’t compromise oenological or varietal integrity, but refines it, stabilizes the wine.  Have learned more at this winery for my winemaking pursuits, path, than I have anywhere else.  Except for Katie.  Tomorrow, first fruit off vine.. and what will this do for me?  A number of fruitions, on a number of fronts.  Journalistically, Literarily; my winemaking studies, knowledge of wines I represent, sell.  More than anything, though, I have to admit: I want the story.. I want the footage.  I’m a writer before anything else, so tomorrow I’m an independent journalist, in a proverbial material pot.

Time, 10:04pm.  Should get into bed, soon.  Sipping what remains of this Sierra Nevada Torpedo, thinking of what else’s ahead.  project R, session 2, going to be more of a linear lecture.  But again, I should be so quick to scold Self.  The first lecture’s always a bit tangential as there’s so much to lay before students.  A couple of them stayed after adjourning, telling me how excited they are with the material, my style.  Took quite a bit of notes during session, as I always used to do.  One quote from a student, about Ms. Plath’s entry I selected for reading, succeeding exercise: “…cynical encouragement…” Told her that she had the first quote of the semester.  Thinking I should keep a tally, record of valuable offerings from students.  That’s one of my more fruitful, useful, pedagogical entertainments, I think.  Each student, or those that participate [would love to have all on list, but some just refuse to be part of progress], having a notable saying logged for future usage, or just appreciation.  Next class, there’ll be even more inquiry hooks for those seated; more interaction, more exchange of ideas.  More passion, more onus.  So glad 2B back.  Feel alive again.  Free.

Closing 2nite’s session/sitting.  Need to make sure I have everything ready for tomorrow.  Batteries, charged.  Phone as well.  Video camera.  But, even more importantly.. my little pages; my condensed, quaint little notebook that I always carry with me to that tasting Room.  Now, it’ll be in vineyard.  A true journalist, tomorrow.  And I’m thinking, tomorrow could be the same type of major step that project R seems 2B.  Interesting.

[9/6/12, Thursday]